A new view of Gillis Pond

On Sept 1st, the tree folks came and removed these three large pines, resulting in a noticeably large ‘hole’ in our protective screen for the lake and allowing more light into our once very shaded backyard. It took several days to get used to and now, actually, we enjoy the change. From our grilling deck, and from our dining room table, we can now see the lake as well as sunsets. The new light will certainly help the bananas and other fruit trees we have in the back yard. In the end, a tragedy turned into a blessing!

Chickens get a reinforced yard…

Mystery chicken predator, broken eggs, dead hens…

Chicken Yard Enclosure
Chicken Yard Enclosure

The last weeks of June and early weeks of July were not a good period for our chicken flock. Each evening, as we went out to collect eggs, they were all broken in the nests. This started happening every day! I decided to start collecting the eggs earlier in the day, around noon and then again in the evening to see if it would make any difference. It didn’t.



Hello from Tranquilla Cove Homestead! It’s always an adventure to look back on the progress made during the development of any homestead. The successes, the failures, the recollections all combine to write our personal story at Tranquilla Cove!

I am now looking forward to  posting more information about our progress here at Tranquilla Cove Homestead to include posting some of our favorite recipes from Cove Cuisine as well as notes from St. Somewhere…enjoy!

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