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Summer is upon us and with the hot days and warm nights, your herbs will be growing very quickly. Also, you may find some herbs being stressed by the intense sunlight and humidity. Let’s look at some tips…

  Add compost to the Soil

One of the best things you can do for your garden is to amend the soil with some compost. This will create a wonderful living sponge that will hold moisture and fertilizer to be taken up by the plant, as well as facilitate deeper root penetration.

  Add more organic fertilizers.

The summer heat will have your herbs growing quickly, requiring more fertilizer. Also the heat leads to more watering and some fertilizer never makes it to the plant as it is leached away by this extra watering.

  Use drip or soaker hose irrigation

Overhead head watering not only is inefficent due to evaporation, but it also adds extra humidity around your herbs, which is what they do not want. Soaker hoses put the water right where it is needed…at the root zone. It also encourages deeper root growth.

  Some containered herbs can be shifted to partial shade

Our summer sun is intense! Often times, full sun can be changed to filtered light or partial shade during the summer months.

  Take cuttings for your fall garden

Take advantage of the fast growth over the summer and take plenty of cuttings from your herbs to get a head start for the fall!

Avg Summer Low Temps in the 70’s
Avg Summer High Temps in the 90’s