Seasonal Tips Spring



Spring is in the air and it is a great time for herb growing! Let’s look at some tips…

  *Add compost to the Soil

One of the best things you can do for your garden is to amend the soil with some compost. This will create a wonderful living sponge that will hold moisture and fertilizer to be taken up by the plant, as well as facilitate deeper root penetration.

  *Add more organic fertilizers.

Get your herbs off to a good start by adding organic fertilizers to the soil.  The herbs have been growing slowly over the winter, but now will speed up and they will need the extra boost! Read more about Fertilizing Herbs.

  *Use drip or soaker hose irrigation

Overhead head watering not only is inefficient due to evaporation, but it also adds extra humidity around your herbs, which is what they do not want. Soaker hoses put the water right where it is needed…at the root zone. It also encourages deeper root growth. Read more about Watering Herbs.

  Give herbs a good pruning to increase bushiness

Many herbs can be pruned pretty far back while others are very picky.  Be on the safe side and do not prune more than 50% back.  Read more details on Pruning Herbs.

  Allow Herbs to have plenty of sunlight

Herbs benefit from at least 5 hours of good Spring sunlight.  Read more about Sunlight & Herbs.

Avg Spring Low Temp – Mid 55°

Avg Spring High Temp around 80°

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