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Fall is upon us and that means warm to cool days and cool nights.  Humidity will be decreased and there will be more breezes. Let’s look at how that effects our gardening…

  Herbs love the Fall

One of the best times of year to grow a wide variety of herbs is fall. The stress from the summer heat is less, rainfall and humidity is low and the nights are cool…all ideal fro herb growing.

  Add more organic fertilizers.

We like to give our garden beds a replenishment of soil and nutrients.  Adding compost to the soil as well as organic fertilizers like bonemeal, blood meal, lime will sweeten the soil for fall and winter and not provide too much nitrogen, which will be coming from the compost.  Plants like to get a good root system established as fall leads into the colder winter temperatures.

  Use drip or soaker hose irrigation

Putting water where it is needed in the Fall garden is important as nights are longer and cooler focus the water on the roots and minimize wet leaves going into the darker night.  Make sure your plants are dry before sunset. This will minimize the onset of fungus diseases.

  Take cuttings for future use in Spring

Fall is a great time to root cuttings from favorite perennials and getting them off to a good start as winter approaches.  Herbs root very quickly and easily this time of year.

Avg Fall Low Temps in the mid 50’s
Avg Fall High Temps in the mid 70’s

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