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May Observations

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May Flora…

icon tch floraPlants continue to flower…Fringe Tree, some azaleas still in bloom, numerous coreopsis, spiderwort, walking Iris, petunia, roses…the rudbeckia is close to bloom. Thunbergia, Honesuckle and Confederate Jasmine in bloom by the 18th of the month. Wildflowers blooming along the highway to include Mullein. This year’s oaks continue to have an abundant leaf drop and are still in the process of putting on their new leaves. Wisteria is finishing up blooming and our dogwood had a nice bloom in early April. Also in early April the leaves of Pecan trees were budding out.

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May Fauna…

icon tch faunaSand Hill Cranes call each day throughout the pond. Hawks are very active, especially in the morning and during the day. Owls are predominent in the early morning and later evening. Squirrels and moles have proliferated this year, in part due to Gillis becoming an indoor cat. Two young gators have been spotted in the pond. We had one eliminated by the Gator trapper…6′! Mosquitos are fierce this month due to the extensive rains we have had all summer. Turkeys are seen often crossing the road with their young. Heard my first Bobcat below the window around 5:00am in mid May.

The warm nights are full, with sounds of Cicadas, Chuck Wills Widow, Bob White, Frogs. Deer fly are here! Many many ticks.

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May Celestial Observations…

icon observations celestialMay’s full moon, known as the Flower Moon rose on May 10th 5:42 PM and was beautiful. May 6, 7 – Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower. May 17 – Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation.

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