July Observations

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This month, we have reached our all-time high water mark at the Cove. The bar is 1″ under water and the floor of the house id 5′ 8″ above the water level of the lake.  Much rain this year!

July Flora…

icon tch floraGardenias are still blooming. Coreopsis and Rudbeckia are also winding down however the daylillies are blooming beautifully as are the Rain Lillies. Anise Hyssop is in full bloom, wild petunias, morning glory, Black Eyed Susan Vine. Chives are coming into bloom. Echinacea blooming very well. Turmeric has leaved out this month.

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July Fauna…

icon tch fauna Sand Hill Cranes are permanent residents and are heard in morning and evening. Hawks are seen through out the day as are ocassional Turkeys. Deer have been minimal most of the month, but ocassional tracks are seen on the road. Numerous squirrels now are all over and are eating in the garden ( Datil Peppers and Green Beans ) Deer fly were heavy at the beginning of the month but have actually been very minimal since the rains began. In there place are mosquitos…the worse they have ever been.

The warm nights are full, with sounds of Cicadas, Chuck Wills Widow, Bob White, Frogs.

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July Celestial Observations…

icon observations celestialJuly’s full moon, known as the Full Buck Moon rose on July 9th. July 23 – New Moon. July 29, 30 – Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower. July 30 – Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation. Scorpio will be prevelant in the southern sky.
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