A new view of Gillis Pond

On Sept 1st, the tree folks came and removed these three large pines, resulting in a noticeably large ‘hole’ in our protective screen for the lake and allowing more light into our once very shaded backyard. It took several days to get used to and now, actually, we enjoy the change. From our grilling deck, and from our dining room table, we can now see the lake as well as sunsets. The new light will certainly help the bananas and other fruit trees we have in the back yard. In the end, a tragedy turned into a blessing!

Welcome Welsummers

After 4 or 5 weeks the Welsummer chicks have feathered out and grown! Time to relocate them from a cardboard box in the bedroom to the transition run inside the main chicken yard. There, they will be able to interact with the older hens, yet be protected from any aggression.