An evening in October

Moonflower - Ipomoea alba
Moonflower – Ipomoea alba

Florida evening…so still, soothing and slightly warm, full of sounds…Sandhill Cranes, a nearby Hawk and local frogs.

All that is needed is here…peace of mind…peace in my heart.

                    …If I could be anywhere at this moment it would be here…it is where I am.

The Meyers Lemons hang low, as do their neighbors the Kefir Limes, while a mosquito tries to maneuver through the thick hairs on my arm…and looses to my other hand.

Sweet Basil bathes in the evening sunlight…one day this week it will be the star of a homemade pizza…

                      Earl Klugh must have sat on this deck before, his music perfect as he serenades the surroundings.

As the sun slowly lowers, the breeze picks up high in the pines sounding a familiar tune…

I don’t quite understand the rooster crowing in the West…perhaps he confuses sunset with sunrise…

                    ….perhaps he’s not confused at all, just a willing participant in this evening.

As October ends, the flowers are in full bloom, busy bees continue to carry pollen…a warm Fall and adequate rain make it appear as Spring.

                 …the wood pile is waiting…hunks of oak, remnants of Hurricane Irma, seasoned and ready to split…are waiting for me…awaiting my still able arms…I wonder when these arms will no longer have the strength to deliver the critical blows needed to split the dense wood…the wood we depend on for warmth.

A beloved family member has passed…the funeral moving, peaceful and consoling. A life will continue to live on in a memory

Live today, feel each moment…if you have something to offer another, offer it with love, accept what others offer with love…

Sleep tonight with peace in your heart.