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A Change is in the Air

A Change is in the Air

There is a change in the air this morning. It is the first day of November, brought in by last night’s October Blue Moon. Tonight we expect our first 50° night and tomorrow just a few degrees lower. This is certainly welcomed after a brutal, hot, dry summer. Fall brought more rain and Gillis Pond is at a nice level and steady. Mid-September through mid-April is what I refer to as the ‘grilling months’. The temperatures are great, the high humidity is gone, as are the Yellow Flies, and the perfect opportunity to enjoy the deck and fire up the grill! Nothing better than the smell of the grill, a cold beer, and a good football game!

It has been one game changing year! Here at Tranquilla Cove, Mom, who is now 100 years old, fell back in March just as the world was recognizing the potency of COVID-19. Mom broke her hip and after a couple of weeks of hospital rehab, she came back home to The Cove and Donna and I became caregivers. Needless to say, our social life has been drastically altered, despite the lifting of many restrictions pertaining to COVID-19. Our bond strengthens and we are gradually finding ways to get out once in a while.

I’ve watched a government, our government, take an active role in trying to destroy a sitting president, with unfounded accusations and investigations that only uncovered a corrupt FBI, a corrupt Democrat Party, and the many wasted years and dollars trying to assuage their continued outrage over their beloved Hillary Clinton being beaten by Donald Trump!

I’ve watched cities, neighborhoods, and businesses being burned in outrage over police brutality all the while citizens demonstrating their own physical and social brutality on others, all in protesting that some lives are suppossed to matter over others. Sometimes I just watch and shake my head.

And so, with these changes, comes an onslaught of text messages, phone calls, and mailings, asking me to vote, to vote a certain way, to donate, etc. I am sure there will be change come next week. If Biden wins, we will see the COVID-19 suddenly cured, Democrat run states that are now closed, will quickly open, and Democrats will fill the airways about us all working together, were all one country, blah, blah, after spending the last 4 years ignoring their consituency, doing everything they can to disrupt American, disrupt this government, and destroy a sitting president. Sound familiar? Remember the Bush years? Remember the Regean years? Democrats are all about power, not it’s citizens. They will put us on hold while they seek to destroy differences of opinion, free speech and the folks that promote free speech. They have no tolerance for a difference of opinion and are basically unable to have an intelligent conversation when facts are involved. Yes mark my words, with a Biden win, we will hear the greatest oxymoron in history, come from the democrats “let’s all work together”

It just doesn’t matter to me. Politics and government is just a club. A club you can join a middle class citizen and become a millionaire, be elcted in perpetuity, live by rules that are different from the rules they make for us. It’s no longer worth getting excited about. Let the election come and go…changes.

So that is today’s attitude from L’Attitudes…if I triggered anyone, deal with it.